Cam Swims the Channel | All About Cam
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All About Cam

Cam Nobles Family Photo

About me

I am a 48-year old father of three great kids (Ela 14, Lucy 12 and Peggy 10), all of whom love the water. My wife, Trish, is wonderfully supportive and is playing a significant role in my upcoming challenge to swim the English Channel.

I’m the Director of Vertica Capital, a Brisbane based advisory firm specialising in structuring debt and equity for commercial development and investment transactions. Vertica Capital has been a proud supporter of Youngcare for a number of years.

Although I have undertaken quite a few challenges, including walking the Kokoda Track twice, completing the 2012 Ride West (1,200 km bike ride Brisbane to Longreach) and 2015 Chain Reaction (1,000km bike ride in Cairns), the English Channel will be my toughest, both physically and mentally. The preparation for the challenge is immense, requiring me to swim over 1,600 kms in the lead up!

My goals

Swim the English Channel in accordance with the rules of the Channel Crossing Association. Wearing only a pair of budgie smugglers (no wetsuit), goggles and cap without touching the boat.

Raise some much needed funds for Youngcare to help with the construction of their next housing development at Wooloowin – a four bedroom family home and three two-bedroom villas to support young people with high care needs, their family and carers.

Have fun, get fit and teach my kids that they can do anything if they set their minds to it! Also looking forward to having a celebratory beer and writing my name, time and date on the wall at the White Horse Hotel!

YoungCare people with high care

Why Youngcare?

The first question people ask me after I tell them that I’m swimming the English Channel (apart from “are you crazy?”) is which charity are you supporting. I’ve elected Youngcare because I believe in what they do.

This is a great Brisbane based, grass roots charity which our business, Vertica Capital, has supported for a number of years. We’ve had the benefit of seeing this organisation grow and deliver great outcomes for young people with high care needs.

Why the English Channel

I have always dreamt about doing something like swimming the English Channel however never thought it would actually happen. Trish, my wife first got the ball rolling after speaking with Trent Grimsey, who is the swim coach at the kid’s school.
I was expecting Trent to take one look at me and say “forget it buddy, you don’t stand a chance”. The opposite was the case and he pointed out the simple facts, “show up, do the training and we’ll get you across”. Pretty basic stuff really and before I had a chance to think about it any further, I had secured my date and paid the deposit for my pilot.

I was inspired after watching Mark Sowerby’s video of his channel crossing in 2015 and later caught up with Mark for a chat. I told him that I intended to “keep the swim under wraps” and not tell anyone until closer to the day. His advice was the absolute opposite. “Tell as many people as you can, the more you tell, the more accountable you’ll be”.

I started telling people about what I was planning to do, without truly believing it myself. Mark also told me that this would probably be one of the best things I will do in my life and I’ve got to say he’s probably right!

Cam swims the Channel with his crew

Training & schedule

As you’d expect, the training required to prepare for such a big swim is quite intense. I’m doing around 20km every week plus an open water swim.


KMs Swum in Training

Block 1English Channel Training PlanIce Baths Each WeekApprox. Weekly KMs
Week 1Four pool sessions + one open water swim120
Week 2Four pool sessions + one open water swim120
Week 3Four pool sessions + one long open water swim120
Week 4Three pool sessions + massage/physio (recovery week)15
Block 2
Week 5Four pool sessions + one open water swim120
Week 6Four pool sessions + one open water swim120
Week 7Four pool sessions + one long open water swim120
Week 8Three pool sessions + massage/physio (recovery week)15
Block 3
Week 9Four pool sessions + one open water swim124
Week 10Four pool sessions + one open water swim124
Week 11Four pool sessions + one long open water swim124
Week 12Three pool sessions + massage/physio (recovery week)18
Block 4
Week 13Four pool sessions + one open water swim124
Week 14Four pool sessions + one open water swim124
Week 15Four pool sessions + one long open water swim124
Week 16Three pool sessions + massage/physio (recovery week)18

Aerobic training sessions

Each session involves a warm up, the main swim prep and a warm down. The session lengths aim between 6.2km & 7.4km and consist of a range of drills, cycle and sculls.

Heart rate training sessions

These sessions range between 5.9km and 6.3km and involve cycle, drills and free/form.

Sprint training sessions

These sessions involve snorkel and fins training along with paddles and cycle. These sessions range between 3.5km to 5.5km.

Key training events

The next big swims I’m training for are the Rottnest Island Channel Swim ( in February 2017 and the Cold Water Camp in Melbourne, April 2017 (

Cam's coach

I’m really fortunate to be coached by the best! A fellow Aussie, Trent Grimsey is the current world record holder for the fastest time ever swum across the English Channel (in 6 hours 55 minutes).

Trent was a member of the Australian National Open Water Swimming Team and won the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix professional swimming circuit ranking him number one ultra marathon swimmer in the world in 2012.

He now runs a swim school with his brother Codie, a former Australian Open Water Champion and Australian Swim Team Member.

Crew and boat

The crew on the day of the swim are so important as they’re the ones with all the experience at sea. Everyone has a role whether it be piloting the boat, coaching or supporting me, providing food, videoing the swim and the all important tweeting and posting on social!

Tim Denyer

Tim Denyer, he is the main man on the day and will pretty much direct traffic for the swim. Tim runs a swim club in London called Red Top Swimming

Reg Brickell

Reg Brickell, who is one of the most experienced and respected pilots for English Channel crossings (

Tara Diversi

Tara Diversi, an experienced Nutritionist (and past Channel swimmer) who will work closely with me in the lead up to the swim and also on the day, making sure my body is properly fuelled.

You can help!

While Cam does the training and the swim, we need your help to raise the funds.