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About Youngcare

YoungCare people with high care

The issue

This morning around 7,000 young people with high care needs woke up in aged care. A life in aged care is essentially a life in a small hospital-like room, a life of routine, with no choice when to eat or when to go to the toilet. 44% of young people will receive a visit from a friend less than once a year and 22% will go outside less than once a month.

There’s also a further 700,000 young people with high care needs being cared for at home by family and friends, often with very limited support.

Youngcare’s mission is to ensure no young person with high care needs has to live in aged care. People like Lauren and Michael Bellert, whose lives changed in an instant when Michael suffered a severe brain aneurism, leaving him unable to walk or talk and in need of 24/7 care.

What Youngcare does

Youngcare believe young people, like Michael, deserve to live young lives and they work hard to raise money to deliver life-changing grants and build age-appropriate housing for young people with high care needs.. They also provide a free support line to help navigate the disability system, and partner with tertiary institutions and sector bodies to conduct research.

But with no recurrent government funding, Youngcare relies on support from the community and corporate partners to raise the funds needed, to ensure all young people can live a life of choice, independence and dignity, regardless of thier care needs.

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Years of Service


Young Aussies Helped


Young Australians Housed


Million Gov. Dollars Saved

YoungCare's impact in 2016

Young Aussies helped

In nearly 11 years, with generous support from the community, Youngcare has enabled 624 young people to either exit or avoid aged care and provided specialist accommodation for 39 young Aussies. Youngcare’s $3.6 million Home Care Grants Program has created approximately $34 million in savings for government.

To date this year, Youngcare’s grants programs have allowed 135 young people to leave aged care or avoid admission – that’s an amazing result of one person every two days.

Housing solutions

For a young person with high care needs, having the right place to live can make all the difference. Through our building programs we are creating accessible homes – vibrant, modern living spaces where young people can live young and independent lives, with appropriate and dignified care.

Youngcare’s one-bedroom apartments at Coomera on the Gold Coast, and Sinnamon Park, Brisbane provide a superior quality of life and incorporate facilities including a gym, spa and therapy equipment. Residents receive expert care delivered by Wesley Mission Queensland. Youngcare is currently constructing 11 apartments at Albany Creek, Brisbane in partnership with MS Queensland and the Queensland Government. These apartments will showcase a new two-bedroom design, providing each resident with the added flexibility of an additional guest room or study.

A share house was built last year at Wooloowin, Brisbane providing the classic young life experience of shared living for four housemates, as well as appropriate care and support. Stage two will deliver a new housing model – a family home and three two bedroom villas – an innovative concept allowing families to live close by. By developing a house specifically designed for young people with high care needs and their family, they may continue to stay living together under the one roof.

Cam’s English Channel swim is raising money to fund the construction of one of the two bedroom villas at Youngcare’s second development at Wooloowin, which is due to start construction in 2017.

You can make a difference

Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. As little as $40 will provide an hour of respite for an exhausted carer; $3,000 will fund an electric hi-lo bed while $5,500 can provide an At Home Care Grant allowing a young Aussie to remain at home with their loved ones.

You can make a difference

You can help!

While Cam does the training and the swim, we need your help to raise the funds.